Well, seven big sleeps to go until take off from Sydney. I have some of the essentials but there are a few big gaps in the equipment listing that will have to be filled on route. My lovely wife has offered to buy me a sleeping bag, so we are doing a little window shopping on Wednesday, to check we can get one that is fit for purpose at the right price. Luckily I decided to fly north to Cairns and not south to Tasmania as cycling gear is priced in line with weight or lack of it, and cold climate would have necessitated.

My good freind Deano has sacrificed his tent to me. I have warned him he won’t get it back and he doesn’t seem to mind. I figure that if I can get thirty big sleeps on the road out of it, it will have done me well. I think its life cycle may well depend on its ability to keep me dry. Dean weighed it and it came in just over 2kgs. The poles are a little long for my rack, but hell, beggars don’t choose, they graciously accept. I also need to purchase a bed roll or pad. This can wait until Cairns, as can a pillow.

In the kichen the cook has been given little or no artillary to fire with. An interim stove/burner will be purchased on arrival in Cairns, as will associated pot and frypan. The sky is the limiy when it comes to the light weight kitchen, so when I eventually spend the bucks I want to be sure I am getting tools that satisfy the capability requirement. Eating irons well as plate and bowl will be purchases cheap until I can work out a silly reason that justify buying more expensive ones.

I intend to initially buy a cheap water bladder to augment my stereo water bottles, and perhaps purchase myself a camelback type backpack if I can find one on special somewhere along the road. Should I decide to get off the main roads from time to time having a little water in researve from a reliable source may make me feel a little more secure and help fend of potential tummy upsets away from towns.

I am developing a catering list based on four main levels. Condiments: salt, pepper, sugar, condensed milk, coffe, tea, soup. Stowable Light: cereal, noodles, saladas, riveeta, instant pasta, rice. Stowable Heavy: sardines, sultanas & dried fruit, powdered drink flavouring. Perishable Couple Of Days: fruit like apples, oranges, lime, salami and smallgoods, kraft cheese, bacon, eggs, some meat, bread rolls. On The Day: banannas, grapes, melon, fish, dairy products.

Well as you can see we are getting there. We will leave it like that today otherwise I will find myself devoting more time to this blog than I do on preparation.

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