Finally Back On The Learning Curve

Well, after hours of suffering I have finally managed managed to get my Nokia N8 linked to my blog. Jeepers creepers you have to stay focused in todays world. Thank god this phone does the lot because today I found it impossible to log into my hotmail account via the computer where I am holding up until my departure. I think my thumbs are going tobe cactus by the end of this trip. What with gear changes on my bike and two thumb typing to get everything recorded and transcribed.
I noticed my thumbs were getting very sore the other day on the return leg of my ride out to Shoal Bay. I have been riding about 25 kilometres most days, and trying to get in a ride of over fifty kilometres about once a week. What most people don’t realise is the amount of times you change gear on a bike when you are covering any substancial distance. I am trying to develop my rhythm amd cadence stamina, so as I start loading up the paniers I theoretically just have to lower my gearing. The trouble is with the staight handlebars there are only limited positions to chamge the hands through to stop them cramping up or going to sleep. As my thumbs are doing alot of work and their circulation is stifled they tend to complain through pain.

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