Mean while back at the ranch.

Easter Sunday and everyone from the family I am staying with gathered at the outside table for roast pork and crackeling. Why don’t they just invent a pig that is all crakeling? That would be a bit silly I suppose. After lunch everybody took it easy for an hour or so and then all went there separate ways.

I decided I had better get on the bike for an hour. So I decided to ride from Medowie down to the Pacific Highway, a distance of about eleven or twelve kilometres each way. It was a good pedal, mainly along the flat with a couple of slight gradients and a bit of hill at theturn around. I have noticed that my fear of inclines is decreasing with time and practice.

After my ride I decided to attach thce front and rear racks gain and try and work out what tools I am going to require for reassembly after the flight to Cairns and repairs and maintenance along the way. I judge from
others that the list of tools can include a plasma cutter and a mig welder, as long as you are stupid enough to pack it. I am detemined to keep the total weight of my battlestar light enough as to not burn out the primary reactor in the fusion accelerator. I consider myself fortunate to be very poor at the moment which will prevent me from purchasing everything listed on those extemely long lists that other trekkers have posted.

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